How to Help

If you would like to get involved in our initiative, here are some ways to help.


1. Become a Cloth for a Cause Sponsor!

We have put together several sponsorship options starting at just $20. We have sponsor options for both cash donations and in-kind donations. Learn more about our sponsor packages >>


2. Tell Your Friends!

Like your local chapter’s Facebook page, share it with friends, write a blog post – the more that people know about us, the more families we can support.


3. Material Donations

We accept donations of gently used and new cloth diapers. We also take donations of diapering materials, including PUL, bamboo, KAM snaps, etc., and sewing supplies and equipment.


4. Cash Donations

Your financial contributions will it possible to:

  • Purchase hard to find diapers such as those used for newborns, and special needs children. Diapers are purchased locally, and second hand to drive costs down.
  • Supply our chapters with material and supplies for repairing the cloth diapers we receive.
  • Ship packages to those at greatest need


To learn more about your local chapter or to make a donation to your local chapter, please visit our list of Cloth for a Cause chapters. If you would like to make a donation to the organization, you can use the Donate button on the website. And if you would like your donation to count towards a sponsorship for your business, organization, or blog, learn more on our sponsorship page >>