Cloth for a Cause – Your New Favorite Charity!

Cloth for a Cause is excited to announce that we are now a Canadian Registered Charity. We started the process last summer and are happy to have made it through relatively quickly.

What does being a registered charity mean? Well, to start with, it means that we can now issue tax receipts for donations, both monetary and in-kind. Individuals and companies are eligible for receipts for donations of new and used diapers, supplies, and other products for use in our lending program or in fundraising auctions and give-aways.

Say what? Tax receipts for used diapers? Absolutely! We all know that your used diapers have resell value, especially those in good condition and not needing repairs. Why not save yourself the hassle of reselling and instead get credit for your tax return? Certain criteria need to be met, but in most cases a receipt will be issued for donations in excess of $20 value.

We are very grateful to our past donators who supported us without the benefit of a tax receipt and very happy to be able to provide receipts for future donations.

As part of the process of becoming registered, we’ve had to step up our game on setting policies and procedures for our chapters across Canada. Being federally incorporated with such a wide spread of local based chapters creates its own challenges. But we now have set procedures, forms and an operating manual to ensure easy start-ups of new chapters and consistency of practises in existing chapters.

Can you believe this has all happened in less than 2 years? Our founder and President, Samantha Pearl Kealing, saw that there were other families struggling with the costs of raising a baby and keeping up with diapers, just like she was. She also saw the need for a cloth diaper recycling program. And there was born the idea for Cloth for a Cause. With careful tending, her cause grew from one chapter in Prince George, BC and has grown into a registered charity with over a dozen chapters across Canada.

So, what are you waiting for?  Leave a donation with your favorite chapter or with the main organization!  You get to help people in need and get a tax deduction!

Guest post written by Wanda Boden of the Vancouver Island Chapter


Build Your Stash Bash and Support a New Charity!

Parents decide to use cloth diapers for a multitude of reasons.  Some choose cloth diapers because it is kinder to the environment.  Others choose cloth diapers because of the long term cost savings.  Some families, though, are truly struggling: they are part of the one in three families in the United States and Canada who have to choose between buying disposable diapers and buying food or paying rent.  Regardless of why these families choose cloth, the start up costs can often be intimidating.  For that 33%, the start up costs can be crippling and seemingly insurmountable.  That’s where Cloth for a Cause, Cloth Diaper Addicts, Viva Veltoro, and Leettle Baby… and the Build Your Stash Bash comes into play.

Cloth for a Cause is a brand new Canadian charity.  We’ve been operating since 2011 with a simple mission: to help those 33% get their babies in diapers.  In the year and a half that we’ve been open, Cloth for a Cause has expanded from one little chapter here in Prince George to fourteen stretching across Canada.  We’ve helped nearly 150 families get their babies in cloth.  Last month, Cloth for a Cause became a legal charity.  Not only does that mean that our ability to help struggling families has grown, it also means that our need for assistance has grown!  You can help by donating to Cloth for a Cause through our PayPal account or by sending a cloth diaper donation to one of our chapters.  (If you live in Canada and are making a donation of $20 or greater, we can issue a tax receipt!)  If you’re near one of our local chapters, you can donate material goods and cash directly to the chapter.  If you’re not and you’d like to donate some diapers, our Nova Scotia chapter has a large need for services!

Now for the Grow Your Stash part of the Grow Your Stash Bash!


Several wonderful companies have teamed up to put together to help us put together two awesome packages to Grow Your Stash!

Package #1 is open to Canada and the US:
One Best Bottom Shell and two medium inserts from Nicki’s Diapers
One Glow Bug Spectrum Package (six diapers, eight inserts, and a wetbag)
One newborn diaper by Diapers by Chris
One pocket diaper and insert from Hunny Bunny Baby Wear
One fabulous bag of Rockin Green detergent!
One AppleCheeks swim diaper!

Package #2 is open to Canada only:

A Thirsties Package (Thirstiest Prefold, a Thirsties Stay Dry insert, a Thirsties Duo Cover, and a Snappi pack) and a Rockin Green sample pack, all nicely bundled in a Cozy Bums shopping bag.
A fifty dollar gift certificate to Lagoon Baby
One Glow Bug Spectrum Package (six diapers, eight inserts, and a wetbag)
One pocket diaper and insert from Hunny Bunny Baby Wear
One fabulous bag of Rockin Green detergent!
One AppleCheeks swim diaper!
One diaper and wetbag from EcoWays!

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Lil Helper Really Does Help!

Lil Helper Cloth Diapers was founded in 2009 by buddies Mohammed Gandhi and Nader Abu El Samid. Both met in Ryerson University, Toronto while studying for their undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering. They both also have a master’s degree in aerospace.  Impressive!

Apart from providing parents with a greener alternative to disposable diapers, Lil Helper also started the Baby Do Good program, for every 3 diapers sold, 1 is donated to help a family in need.   Enter Cloth for a Cause…

I first met Mohammed and Nader at last years Green Parenting Show in Toronto ON, where I went to participate in the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012.  They were not selling diapers, they were just chatting with folks about cloth diapers and I assume other random things.   I was just starting up the Durham Region ON chapter (now Southern ON), had just helped my first family the week prior and was loaded down with bags of diaper donations collected at the show.  The fact that these guys were willing to donate brand new diapers to us was beyond anything I could have hoped for! A brand new diaper could literally help several families over many years to come and, I won’t lie, the thought of not having to repair elastics or clean velcro was exciting to me!

Over the past year, Lil Helper has donated in excess of 100 diapers to us in the Southern ON chapter via their Baby Do Good program.  We’ve sent Lil Helper diapers to North Bay, to a mom in New Brunswick and many families locally here in Southern ON.

Lil Helper Really Does Help! (Cloth for a Cause)

Savanah in Oshawa received a Lil Helper diaper in her diaper package last Fall for her then 3 month old daughter. When I recently checked in with her, she had this to say: “Cloth diapering is going great for us thanks to the generous kick-start we were fortunate to receive [from Cloth for a Cause]. It alleviated much of the start-up costs that can make the switch to cloth intimidating. Eventually we were able to build our own stash with other low-cost used diapers from the community allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint for our daughter’s future, one diaper change at a time”.  Thank you Lil Helper!  

This is just one of the families we’ve helped with Lil Helper diapers. In total, we’ve been able to help approx. 70 families with a total of 96 babies! Although not all of these families have received a Lil Helper diaper, with the high number of diapers being donated by this wonderful company, that soon may be a reality!

A single mom in Southern ON will be receiving several Lil Helper diapers in her package from us this week.  She is a single mom with a 2 year old son and newborn twin boys and also a fulltime college student.  Her sons keep getting rashes in disposables but she simply cannot afford to make the switch to cloth on her own. She was referred to us by her mom group.

Another applicant receiving Lil Helper diapers this week is a newly single mom with 3 daughters in Southern ON.  Sadly, she lost her husband to cancer 2 months before their twin girls were born. Her application says “Disposable diapers are so expensive and I go through 1 garbage bag per day with my twins and oldest. It stinks having the diapers in the garbage, it’s easier just to flush it and do a load of wash”.

These are the families we help.  We are so grateful to Mohammed and Nader for considering us as part of their Baby Do Good program and allowing us to continue to help families make the transition to cloth diapers.


Amy (Southern Ontario)

Great Cloth Diaper Change Is Coming Soon!

At Cloth for a Cause, we’re all looking forward to some good times with the upcoming Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Great Cloth Diaper Change

What’s the Great Cloth Diaper Change?

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is a Guiness Book of World Records attempt to have the most babies changed into cloth diapers.  In the years past, it’s been done simultaneously, which had some places (like Malaysia) changing diapers at 2 am!  This year, it’s going to be a bit different: it’s going to be a rolling event, so it’ll happen at 11 am local time wherever you are.  Just be sure to show up at 10 am.

There are tons of places participating, and Cloth for a Cause will be participating at our local events!  Some places will be free entry, some will require registration.  Some will have goodie bags.  One thing that I’m sure of: they’ll ALL be fun!

Prince George, BC

The Prince George Great Cloth Diaper Change is sponsored by Cozy Bums, the Prince George chapter’s single largest benefactor.  It’ll be held at the Family Resource Center.

Address: 1200 La Salle Avenue (The old Fort George Elementary school.)


What’s happening? Suzi, Megan, and Pearl will be there collecting donations and spreading the word about Cloth for a Cause.  Suzi is also a little competitive: The Fraser Valley chapter received 59 pounds of donations, and she’s positive that the Prince George community can do better than that.  She’ll be there with the collected donations and a scale, and hoping to generate 60 pounds worth of donations.  Cash donations are, of course, always welcome.  Suzi has promised to do some sort of public humiliation if we meet goal.  Possibly singing I’m a Little Tea Pot?

Kamloops, BC

We’re thrilled to announce that our newest chapter, located in Kamloops, BC, will be participating in their local Great Cloth Diaper Change event!  Snug Glee Bumz will be hosting at the Southwest Community Church

Address: 700 Hugh Allan Dr., Kamloops

What’s happening?  Justine, our new chapter head, will be at the event taking donations to support families in need in the Kamloops region.  Diaper related and cash donations are welcome.  There will also be a basket raffle, so be ready to buy tickets for a cause!

Register and join the Facebook event page!

Victoria, BC

The Vancouver Island chapter of Cloth for a Cause will be participating in the Great Cloth Diaper Change event sponsored by Victoria Diaper Service.

Address: 835 Humboldt Street, Victoria.

What’s Happening? Cloth for a Cause will have a drop off point at the event.  Also going on?  Creatively United for the Planet Festival At St. Anns Academy!  How awesome!

Register.  Join the Facebook event page and invite  your friends!

Medicine Hat, AB

Special Deliveries Doula Services is sponsoring the Great Cloth Diaper Change of Medicine Hat.

Location: Medicine Hat Public Library

What’s Happening?  Cloth for a Cause – Medicine Hat will be collecting diaper donations to help struggling families with their diapering needs.  There will also be some great door prizes?

Register and join the Facebook event page!

Oshawa, ON

Amy, proprietress of Amy’s Take a Walk on the Green Side and head of the Southern Ontario chapter, will be co-hosting the event with Funky Fluff Diapers.

Location: 1037 Simcoe St N., Oshawa.  Blaisdale Montessori School.  No registration required.

What’s happening?  Cloth for a Cause will have a donation point set up.  Amy will be there cheerleading.

Richmond Hill, ON

ChangeMatt and So Green Baby are hosting an event.  There will also be a donation point for Cloth for a Cause’s Southern Ontario chapter.

Location: 114 Spadina Road, Richmond Hill.  Bayview Hill Community Centre

What’s happening?  There will be music, swag bags, and fun!

Montreal, QC

While we don’t have a chapter in Quebec at this time, Boutique Bummis has kindly offered to have a Cloth for a Cause collection table at their event!

Location: 4302 Blvd St-Laurent, Montreal

What’s happening?  Of course, there will be a Cloth for a Cause collection table set up.  There will also be amazing door prizes offered!  For each diaper donated, you’ll receive an additional ticket for a prize!

Register to attend

Berwick, NS

Spoil Me Rotten Maternity is hosting the Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Location: Town Hall Gym

What’s happening?  Cloth for a Cause – Nova Scotia will be there to hand out information and educate about our services.  We’re also taking donations.  Donors will receive a ballot for a custom embroidered Great Cloth Diaper Change diaper by Spoil Me Rotten!  The Great Cloth Diaper Change is currently full, but there’s a wait list, so you may still be able to participate!  Even if you can’t, though, there’s still lots to do, including a bounce house and face painting.









Cloth for a Cause Build Your Stash Bash Sign Ups! (Blogger Opp)

Cloth for a Cause is a cloth diaper lending organization that is 100% staffed by unpaid volunteers.  We primarily service Canada and currently have fourteen chapters to help distribute fluff to struggling families.  Like most charitable type of organizations, we desperately need help to meet the demand.  We need help with both cash donations and material donations like cloth diapers, KAM snaps, and 1/4 inch swim elastic.  Some of our chapters are getting so many applications for assistance that they are unable to keep up with the demand, so diapers are desperately needed… particularly in Nova Scotia.  100% of all cash donations go directly to Cloth for a Cause.

So what does this mean for bloggers?

It means that you can help Cloth for a Cause out by taking place in the Cloth for a Cause Build Your Stash Bash, hosted by Cloth Diaper Addicts, Leettle Baby, and Viva Vel Toro.

Cloth for a Cause Built Your Stash Bash (and Diaper Drive)

It’s going to be amazing and huge.  We’ve got some amazing sponsors lined up, including Cozy Bums, Nicki’s Diapers, Lagoon Baby, AppleCheeks, Diapers by Chris, and more!  100% of the funds raised go directly to Cloth for a Cause.

How Do You Get Involved?

We’re looking for bloggers to participate in the event.  Bloggers can have up to three links on follow pages, available by donation.  The prices are:

  • $0 (free link with announcement)
  • $3 (1 link, no announcement)
  • $3 (2 links, announcement post)
  • $5 (2 links, no announcement)
  • $5 (3 links, announement post)
  • $7 (3 links, no announcement post)

Of course, if you’d like to donate more, you’re welcome to!  We also would love it if you’d repost this announcement, regardless of your donation amount.  Please take the image from above and load it on your site to publicize.  We want the Build Your Stash Bash (and diaper drive) to be a success.  All you need to do is sign up and join a Facebook group to be kept up to date with the event.


Fluffy Bottoms Provided By Cozy Bums

Fluffy Bottoms Provided By Cozy Bums (Cloth for a Cause)

Meet Kerri Wanner, the fearless proprietress of Cozy Bums!

Way back in 2007, an expectant mom wanted to set up a business so that she could stay at home.  She recognized a need for a cloth diaper business in our community, and that’s how Cozy Bums of Prince George, BC was born.  In 2011, it was time for that mom to move on to other projects, but Cozy Bums was far too awesome about keeping fluffy bottoms in Prince George.  That’s how Kerri Wanner, the current proprietress of Cozy Bums, came to take over the business.

On a personal level, I love Cozy Bums.  It’s where the majority of my cloth diaper stash has come from.  Cozy Bums only carries premium brands at reasonable prices and is always willing to help troubleshoot with her customers.  On a charitable level, I really love Cozy Bums.  Not only has Cozy Bums been keeping paying customers in fluffy bottoms; Cozy Bums has also been the single largest donor in the history of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.  Recently, I sat down with Kerri in her store.  We had a bit of a chat while my daughter “shopped” by taking some diapers off the shelf.

Kerri always amazes me.  She somehow always manages to be organized and put together, even with the pressures of juggling a work at home business with a two and a half year old boy.  While we were chatting about upcoming events (Great Cloth Diaper Change, anyone?) and the juggling act of having a home based business, we talked about Cozy Bums and the generous donations the company has made to Cloth for a Cause.  The reasons for helping Cloth for a Cause whenever possible was simple.  Cozy Bums and Cloth for a Cause were both born in Prince George.  As a working mom herself, Kerri loves to team up with local endeavors and encourage success.  And of course, Kerri also said, “We also love to see babies in cloth diapers and it’s a great cause!”

Thank you, Cozy Bums, for your support!

Have you ever shopped with Cozy Bums?  Tell us about your experience!

Exciting Times in Cloth for a Cause!

One of the things that I love the most about volunteering with Cloth for a Cause is that I’ve gotten to meet women all across Canada (from the confines of my own living room) who are passionate about two of my favorite things: cloth diapers and helping others.  Right now, there’s a ton of new things going on in the not for profit organization.

Welcome, Nova Scotia!

cfac fluff stackLess than two weeks ago, Cloth for a Cause got a brand new chapter!  We now have a chapter that is servicing all of Nova Scotia.  This means that Cloth for a Cause now spans all the way across Canada, from coast to coast!

Yeah, I’m outrageously excited about this.  The ladies of Nova Scotia are seeing a high demand for loaning diapers, so that demonstrates that there is most certainly a need for our services on the east coast.  In fact, they just got their first package ready to send out today!  That being said, there are a lot of struggling families in Nova Scotia that could use help.  If you’re willing to ship diapers to a chapter, Nova Scotia is the place to send them.

Congratulations, Southern Ontario!

Our Southern Ontario chapter (which services Ottawa, as well) has had its one year anniversary.  They’ve helped over two dozen families to date and are always willing to help more.  While our cloth diapers are typically donated to the organization at no cost to us, there are costs associated with stripping the diapers to ensure that they are safe to pass on.  There are also costs associated with repairing diapers: elastics, snaps, and thread all cost money.  To help with those costs, Southern Ontario is holding an auction on their Facebook page!  Currently, a custom hybrid fitted from Snug Bug Diapers is up for grabs.

Cloth for a Cause Has a Brand New Domain!

We’ve been operating on Cloth for a for several months now, but because our mission is not just limited to Canada, we’ve also adopted the URL of Cloth for a  We’re also looking forward to rolling out a new design in the next several months to reflect the scope of our volunteers and our services.  If you’ve been helped by Cloth for a Cause, please send a testimonial to me at suzi (at) clothforacause (dot) org.  I’ll use or redact as much information as you’d like.  We’d also love included pictures of fluffy bottoms!  Also, if you’ve helped Cloth for a Cause by donating to us in the past, thank you!  Your support has made it possible for us to help families all across Canada.

Have a Happy Fluffy Wednesday, and think about this: what can you do to help Cloth for a Cause spread fluff across Canada?


Win a Thirsties Pack from Cozy Bums!

I’m so excited!  Cozy Bums, the single biggest sponsor to the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause, is doing a Thirsties giveaway!

Who’s Giving it Away?

Cozy Bums is a local cloth diaper store that has been serving Prince George (and all of Canada!) since 2009.  Kerri, the owner, is a work at home mom who has put a lot of dedication into expanding the use of cloth diapers.  Not only has she been a great resource to the community, she’s also been a critical resource for the Prince George chapter.

What’s Up for Grabs?

Cozy Bums is offering up a Thirsties Duo cloth diaper in the winner’s choice of size and print, a Thirsties Fab Wipes pack, and a 4 oz bottle of Thirsties Booty Luster!  Really, who wouldn’t want to win that?

Win a Thirsties Pack from Cozy Bums!

You could win a Thirsties Duo, a pack of Thirsties Fab Wipes, and a travel size bottle of Thirsties Booty Luster!

Not Sure About the Awesomeness of Thirsties?

If you’re not familiar with Thirsties diapers, it’s a new line that Cozy Bums started carrying since the new year.  I’ve written reviews on the Thirsties Fab Wipes and Booty Luster wipe solution and Thirsties Duo cloth diapers over at Cloth Diaper Addicts.  I’m pretty sure I need to add at least two or three more Duos to my personal stash.

Who Can Win?

If you live in Canada and are eighteen or up, you’re eligible to enter!  And, hey, if you win, you can always donate your diaper to Cloth for a Cause.

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Thanks, GoGreen! We Appreciate Your Help!

Thanks, GoGreen! (Cloth for a Cause)

Thanks, GoGreen, for helping Cloth for a Cause with our mission.

Recently, Cloth for a Cause started contacting some cloth diapering companies for donations.  There are a variety of companies that we’ve emailed and have gotten response from.  GoGreen Cloth Diapers has kindly agreed to donate a dozen new pocket diapers to one of our chapters!

About GoGreen

GoGreen was founded by Leah back in 2010.  At the time, Leah had three small boys all in diapers at the same time.  Living in Boulder, Colorado, one of the most eco-conscious cities in the country, she was shocked about the amount of waste, and most importantly, money traditional diapers were costing.  She began designing her own diapers and word quickly spread about the affordable and cute diapers. GoGreen was born and today strives to create the best products at the best price for parents everywhere.

GoGreen and Cloth for a Cause – Two Good Things that are Better Together

A big part of GoGreen is keeping diapers affordable.  Cloth for a Cause exists to help parents who otherwise couldn’t afford the start up costs get into using cloth diapers until they can build up their own stash.  GoGreen decided to give Cloth for a Cause a helping hand because, quite simply, Leah loves our message and what we’re attempting to do.

Thanks for your help, Leah and GoGreen!  You’ve helped reduce the amount of disposable diapers that end up in the landfills and reduce the financial burden of some struggling families.

How Awesome is GoGreen?

Well, you can read some independent reviews at A Year with Mom & Dad and Mommy of One and Counting.

Have you used GoGreen cloth diapers?  How did they work for you?

Funky Fluff Freshly Pressed! Re-Launch and Giveaway

Funky Fluff is a great sponsor for Cloth for a Cause, and we’re pleased to join in on this celebration!

Funky Fluff Freshly Pressed

2013 Colours & Website Re-Launch

Welcome to the Funky Fluff Freshly Pressed Event, hosted by Funky Fluff, Zephyr Hill Blog, and Thinking About Cloth Diapers.

Are you still looking for the “perfect” diaper? One loaded with features, and available for a reasonable price? It does exist! If you haven’t tried the Funky Fluff Fusion diaper yet, it may be the last brand you need to buy!

About Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff was started by 2 Canadian moms who were on the quest for the perfect diaper – and when they didn’t find it, they decided to design it.

Take a close look at the Funky Fluff Fusion 3 in 1 diaper. This innovative diaper brings a new level of flexibility and versatility to the world of cloth diapering: with the interchangeable AI3 system, you can use these diapers as an AIO system, an AI2, and a pocket system. No matter how you choose to use them, Funky Fluff diapers are convenient and reliable!

Funky Fluff offers both natural bamboo blend and stay-dry diapers, plus diaper pail liners, wet bags, and more!

To learn more about the Funky Fluff Fusion 3-in-one diapers, visit, or read the Thinking About Cloth Diapers review of the Funky Fluff Fusion here.

Website Relaunch

If you’ve visited the Funky Fluff website recently, you will have read the following announcement: “THE BAD NEWS is that our site will be unavailable for about a week or so for required maintenance and re-stocking. THE GOOD NEWS is that we will be back and FULLY STOCKED with exciting new additions very soon! We also can’t wait to show you our new site enhancements. In the meantime, please visit any of our retailers, stop by our Facebook page or contact us anytime.”

Well it’s back! And it’s even better than before!

So, what’s changed?

Funky Fluff has a brand new website, and it is also now fully stocked, with fan favorites, and some brand new products too!

We know you’re probably dying from suspense! So, let’s fill you in on the new products Funky Fluff is launching!

  • Funky Fluff Starter Kit – includes 1 stay-dry diaper, 1 bamboo diaper, a double pocket wetbag, a bamboo booster, 1 bamboo soaker, and 1 stay dry soaker – plus a savings of 15% compared to purchasing the products individually.
  • New Colors and – YAY – Funky New Prints!

With 2 new prints and 4 new colors, Funky Fluff is adding even more options to their already great line-up of colors!

New Colors from left to right: Funky Birds, Green with Yellow (Limited Edition), Fuchsia with Orange (Limited Edition), Funky Bubbles, Orange with Blue, and Teal with Lime

If you haven’t tried Funky Fluff diapers yet, you can enter here to win the grand prize of $250 worth of Funky Fluff diapers – 6 Stay Dry and 6 Bamboo Funky Fluff Fusions, plus 12 extra boosters! A second prize will consist of a starter pack in the winner’s choice of prints/colors! Plus, visit the following retailers for more chances to win a Funky Fluff diaper of your own!

// <![CDATA[
// ]]>

Open to Residents of Canada/US, 18+
This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST, Feb 3, 2013

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This giveaway is sponsored by Funky Fluff. Bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Good luck!