Cloth Diapering Babies in Bulk

Having a baby, no matter how much you’ve prepared, how perfect your nursery is, or how much you’ve studied, can be a nerve-wracking thing.  You can cram for having a baby like you’re getting ready to present your dissertation for an advanced degree, but once that baby is in your arms, it’s a whole new ballgame.  Now multiply that by four.

That’s right.  Four.  As in quadruplets.

When we discuss the accomplishments of Cloth for a Cause, we typically focus on the number of families helped.  Sometimes, though, those families have more than one that will be in cloth.  Sometimes (more commonly) that family has a baby and a toddler still in diapers.  Every now and again, though, we get the opportunity to help and meet families that are just amazing.  There’s a family with two sets of twins that will be getting a stash from us.  There will also be a family with quadruplets.


That’s a lot of babies.

I’ve cloth diapered more than one, myself, and can honestly say that it’s really no harder to use cloth on two than it is on one.  It just means doing laundry more frequently… and having a big enough stash that will allow for me to let clean diapers sit in the laundry room for a few days before I get a few moments to stuff the pockets.  Still, though, to build a stash large enough to allow for the diapering of four babies can be expensive, time consuming, and a bit daunting of a prospect.  (But, really, it’s still far less intimidating than the approximately $8,000 per year price tag associated with using disposable diapers on four babies.)

This is where Cloth for a Cause comes in: 0ur Southern Ontario chapter is going to be sending diapers for those babies.  Those parents will not have to clear out the shelves at the warehouse store for disposable diapers, nor will they have to request a second garbage can from the city.  We’ll give those parents the support that they need so that they can be successful with cloth diapering their babies.  Sure, there will be a lot of laundry, but with four babies, there’s going to be a lot of laundry.  An extra load or two a day at this point will not make a difference.

However, trying to load four children up to go to the store to make an emergency diaper run for yet another case of diapers will make a huge difference on that family’s sanity.

How can you help?  Aside from offering another pair of arms, continuing to support Cloth for a Cause is a great way.  Your donations (of both cash and diapers) make it possible for us to help families like these save money and save the environment.  This week, your shopping at Funky Fluff’s website is another fabulous way to help.  They’ll be donating 10% of their web sales to Cloth for a Cause so that we can get more babies in cloth and less diapers in the landfill.  And that is just awesome.

What are some ideas that you have for cloth diapering babies in bulk?




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