Providing Freedom and Safety

We all are familiar with the story: a brave woman was willing to put up with the domestic abuse she lived with… but when that abuse was turned on her children, she slipped out and took nothing more than the babies and the clothes on their backs.  She’s fortunate enough to have been able to find a domestic abuse shelter to stay until she and her chldren can get on their feet.  The shelter has a bed and some clothes.  It’s a chance for them to start a new life without fear.

One of those brave women had a friend who contacted our organization.  After much reaching out to organizations all over the province, that friend came up fairly empty.  She managed to gather fifteen disposable diapers.  Any parent knows that fifteen disposable diapers will not last long.  Not at all.  This was a very, very small bandaid, but not one that would relieve the mother of wondering where the next diaper would come from.  That mother knew that uing cloth diapers would provide her that freedom.  She wanted to use cloth diapers so that she would never, ever have to worry about buying that next pack of diapers.

They reached out to Cloth for a Cause.  Sarah, the president of our Barrie chapter in Ontario, put together a diaper package for this woman.  Sarah sent some size appropriate clothes, too.

This loan gave this mom a chance to be free.  She managed to free herself and her children from a pattern of abuse.  She’s managing to free herself from having to worry where the next diaper will come from for her baby.  That’s taken care of.  She has diapers all the time, no matter what.  She has the beginnings of security in her temporary lodgings.  She has safety.

This is what your donations do.  They provide women who have nothing and nowhere a chance to start anew in a life that will keep them all safe.

This week, there are a couple more options than the usual “please send us diapers, accessories, and cash” requests.  (Those are always nice, too, however.)  By making a purchase at the Funky Fluff website, you’ll help us and get some fun fluff for your baby at the same time.  Funky Fluff is donating 10% of their websales to Cloth for a Cause.



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