Nova Scotia In Need

Since the Nova Scotia chapter opened a few months ago, I’ve seen a massive amount of applications come through.  At first I figured that it was because they were servicing an entire province.  Then I realized that, well, Nova Scotia just isn’t all that large.  There’s a huge need out there, and the lovely ladies of that chapter are working hard to fullfill it.

I’ve never been that far east.  I’ve never been more east than GTA.  (I’m from Florida.  Surprisingly enough, it’s nearly due south from Ontario.)  Since I’d never been to Nova Scotia, I had to ask the lovely ladies out there just why the need for cloth diaper assistance was so high out there.  I got an answer.

Nova Scotia is a province that flourished initially because of its vast natural resources.  Fisheries and pulp mills have been huge industries out there.  Unfortunately, those industries are in decline.  (We’re feeling the pinch of pulp mill closures out here in BC, too.)  Not only are those high paying jobs in resource industries leaving, government offices are also closing.  It’s a tough job market in Nova Scotia.  To make it even harder, while jobs are short, cost of living is high.  It’s particularly high in the Halifax region metropolitan area (or HRM).  When you combine intergenerational poverty with those other factors, that significantly increases the need for support.

To date, Nova Scotia has helped nearly 60 families since February of this year.  That’s 60 families that no longer have to choose between food and diapers.  That’s 60 families that are able to preserve their monetary resources and use that money for other needs.  More applications come in daily.

Without our corporate sponsors like Funky Fluff, we would be lost.  We rely 100% on donations and fundraisers to help these families.  Instead of giving these families a monthly handout, we help them keep their dignity by giving them a hand up that is sustainable.

There are a few ways that you can help.  One is to contact your local chapter to see about donating diapers.  Another is by sending a tax deductable donation to the Nova Scotia chapter.  A third way (that is also fun for you!) is to visit Funky Fluff’s website and buy yourself something cute for your baby’s bum.  10% of those proceeds will go to fund Cloth for a Cause this week!



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