Special Diapers for Special Needs

Quite often, when a family has a child with special needs, they’ll have a need for cloth diapers that lasts far beyond the infant and toddler years.  It’s hard.  It’s expensive.  Sometimes a parent will give up a career to be a full-time caregiver.  Or worst of all, sometimes there will be only one parent in the picture at all.

When there’s only one parent and there’s a child with special needs, it’s nearly a sentence to poverty.  That parent will give up everything to stay home and give his or her child the love and care that the child needs.  Love and care are amazing.  They can make the difference in how a child with special needs develops.  It can be the difference between a paraplegic child thriving and a paraplegic child surviving.  It’s important.  Sometimes it’s downright crucial.

There’s only one problem: that love and that care do not pay the bills.  That love and that care does not pay rent or buy groceries.  That love and that care does not buy the diapers that the child with special needs has to have.  This is where Cloth for a Cause comes into play.

Disposable diapers for a child with special needs are cripplingly expensive.  I went searching out of curiosity for this… and I found that they were one to two dollars per diaper depending on where you bought them and what size package you bought.  Medical coverage does not include these diapers.  For an impoverished family on assistance, that’s just not sustainable.  We ease that burden.

Since we rarely see diapers for children over forty pounds in our donations, we have to get creative.  When I went out to McLeod Lake and found that some of the families out there did have larger than average children, I put out a call for help to my community that was quickly answered.  We will sometimes use our fundraising proceeds to purchase low cost cloth diapers diapers to help families with children with special needs.  It’s a need that must be filled, and we are proud to do that.

Can you imagine what a relief it must be to that mother?  She has all of these burdens to struggle with, and her situation will continue on indefinitely.  To know that one thing that she will not have to worry about is how she will provide diapers for her child is a weight off of her shoulders.  It’s one less concern that she has to focus on… and that gives her the freedom to provide the love and care her child needs with just a bit less cause for sleepless nights.

This week, Funky Fluff is helping us help those families.  When you shop at their website, 10% of their sales will be donated to Cloth for a Cause.  We can help those struggling families gain a little extra peace of mind.  That’s priceless.




5 thoughts on “Special Diapers for Special Needs

  1. In BC the ministry of child and family development will (under the At Home Program) provide funding for diapering supplies for parents of special needs children, however it rarely covers the cost off the supplies you need if using disposables and the amount of garbage gets huge. Not many families know that this money can be spent on reusable diapers, washable bed pads etc, as a parent with a child with special needs I found it very difficult to find cloth sized for larger children that were comfortable for the child and user friendly. If you have any information on retailers of diapers (and swim diapers) sized for larger kids and small adults I would love to see some links.


  2. Jo Hall, Super Undies and OsoCozy are both two that first jump to mind as having sizes for older children and even adults. I believe Gabby’s (a Canadian manufacturer) makes larger sizes as well (I believe that’s where OsoCozy sources at least some of their diapers). Happy Heinys training pants are also available in larger child sizes (though not teen or adult sizes I don’t believe). Many work-at-home-moms will also often take custom orders for trainers and diapers. FuzziBunz at one point made diapers in sizes up to at least XXL, many are still floating around (though finding them isn’t necessarily easy).

    Hope that helps,


  3. Please let me know of any comoany or any organizations that help with cloth diapers for older children
    Our daughter has epilepsy and seizures at night causing her to have accidents
    We have always clothed diapered her from birth on untilp she hit 40 pounds and out grew all her cloths. No we can not find cloth diapers that fit her shebis currently 55 pounds and is almost nine
    Please let me know any info you may have on big kid cloth diapers. We are a one income family with many other medical expenses. Thank you. Lori


  4. I just ordered some larger sized youth diapers from snap-ez. I read quite a few positive reviews and they had infant through adult size so had the sizes we needed. They also have extender tabs for those in between sizes. Not the cheapest, but definitely better than buying the number of disposables that we have been. http://www.snap-ez.com


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