Day 5 – What’s working for me? #Flatschallenge

We are now 5 days into  Dirty Diaper Laundry‘s Third Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge.   The end is in sight and a routine has been figured out.

So what is working?  

For us, washing once a day seems the easiest and is working well.   Yesterday was also one of those days that you just want to curl up with a big bowl of chocolate and definitely NOT start washing diapers at 10pm once both kids are asleep.  But I put the earphones on, turned up the music and had a great unwind washing diapers.  No seriously.   It really did leave me in a good mood.  I could see doing this daily, even after a long workday.  Just a little me time, or me and the diapers time.

The long soak in the bathtub really helps get the pee out, and shortens wash time.  I tried a quicker soak in the diaper pail last night and it resulted in needing more detergent and wash time, which then resulted in more rinse time.

Now that I’ve listened to the advice given and have been rolling the PUL covers and wetbags in a towel, hang drying is going well.  Everything is dry by morning and ready to go.

Using  Jo’s fold to make pads to put in the covers is our go-to diaper.   Thursdays are my son’s social day and his dayhome provider agreed to try flats.   She said that with the pads already made, it was easy to put on and not much different than the pocket diapers we normally send.


Helping unload the drying rack

What is sort of working?

I’m still trying to figure out the right absorbency with flats.   Sometimes 1 flat is enough, other times both kids need to have 2 flats.  Nap time is easy, but other times of the day I guess based on the amount of liquids and whether we are going out.   We’ve not had too many leaks this week after the first day or two.   I did do all pads as double layers for daycare day to minimize leak issues.  She did have one, but it was with a velcro cover and as the velcro is starting to go, they tend to loosen which cause leaks.

I’ve also learned that when making pattern flats to not use fabric with large brown patterns.  You keep thinking that there are poops in there.  Not too bad if you are doing a quick diaper check, but yesterday it resulted in four kids being brought inside for what turned out to be a clean and dry diaper.   The sun through the cover just made one of the dogs look like a poop.

See those brown dogs? Cute, right? Just not a great idea on a flat diaper.


So what is not working?

Snappi’s.  I just can’t get those suckers to stick so I’ve given up on doing any fancy folds.

It was in the list of tips, but I did still try using my normal pail liner in the diaper pail.  Yeah, it was in the list for a reason.  I know now to put them right in the pail and rinse it out at night.

I’ve learned that I really don’t like rubber gloves.  I need them for the ick factor and to be able to use hot water, but they are irritating my hands.  And they smell funny and make my hands smell funny.  If I were doing handwashing on a long-term basis, I’d invest in a different type of water proof  glove.

Hanging to dry outside is also not working for us.  It’s caterpillar season and the season that the tree over our deck drops a lot of stuff.  I’ve put out diapers for a quick morning bit of sunshine, but that is it otherwise I feel like I need to wash them again when I bring them in.

Quick morning sun before the caterpillars are out


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