Handwashing – how is it going? #Flatschallenge

Let’s check in with Wanda, our CFAC representative in Dirty Diaper Laundry‘s Third Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge.

How is the handwashing going?

I think it is going well!  I’m glad that I didn’t get a camp washer, plunger or washboard as the bathtub is working the best for us.   I throw the diapers in to soak in the bathwater while getting the kids to bed.  That means that they are in there at least 45 minutes before I come back.  And judging by the barnyard smell, its a good way to get the pee out.

I do prewash the poopy diapers and wipes separately in the sink or dishpan at some point during the day.

Presoaking in the bathwater

Once the diapers have done the presoak, I do a batches of 6 flats in hot water washes with a sprinkle of detergent before rinsing under the tub faucet.  I let the tub refill while doing the rinsing to do another swish in the tub.

I bet you are wondering how long it takes me.  I really don’t know, to be honest.

My baby is being a bit weird about bedtime this week and will seem like she has gone to sleep, only to be back awake 10 minutes later.  So there is a lot of extra soaking time as I’ll just start washing and then go back to put her back to sleep.

Or like last night, when all else failed, I put her on my back to get the job done.   There was a lot more tub stomping for rinsing than Tuesday night.

Getting diapers done with the baby who won't sleep

Drying is going well.  I haven’t worried too much about getting all the water out.  We normally hang to dry and our system seems to be working.  Tuesday nights diapers were a little damp so I put them back outside in the morning.

The biggest surprise for me is how much water PUL absorbs.  Given its waterproof nature I expected to basically pick it out of the water, give it a shake and it would dry quickly.  But definitely not.  The wetbags and covers hold a LOT of water!  I don’t really want to wring PUL, so last night I did the rollup in the towel trick with the covers and they dried over night no problem.

Do I look sleepy?


One thought on “Handwashing – how is it going? #Flatschallenge

  1. I hand wash my PUL covers by hand a lot ( I only had 3 when I first started, and with a newborn, that meant a lot of spot cleaning… I find rolling up in a lg microfiber towel get’s them dry in about a half hour.


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