What About the Poop? #FlatsChallenge

One of the most common questions that people have when asking about cloth diaper use is “What about the poop?”  After all, no one (okay, most people) really relishes the idea of ending up with feces all over their hands.  It’s just… gross.  When using flats and handwashing them, it seems like wearing poop is inevitable, right?

Wanda, our CFAC representative in Dirty Diaper Laundry‘s Third Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge, will tell you otherwise.

So, Wanda, do you touch a lot of poop?

No, not really.   I’m lucky in that I have a diaper sprayer so that anything that doesn’t roll right off the toddler’s diaper gets sprayed off.  If I’m not overly carefully, it might get all over the toilet bowl, but hey, it’s a toilet.  That’s where it belongs.

What About the Poop? #FlatsChallenge (Cloth for a Cause)

So hard to capture a toddler on the go!

My daughter likes to store and blow.   Last week it was 14 days of hoarding before she blew.  And she blew and she blew and she blew.  Like 3 big diapers over 3 days.  But with all the different cloth diapers in my stash it stayed contained.  The only time I had a blow out was when she went before I got her out of her night-time disposable.  And I think that there was more in her sleeper than in her diaper, which meant it ended up all over me and the change table.

What About the Poop? #FlatsChallenge (Cloth for a Cause)

This one is a little easier to capture in a picture.

I use double layer flannel wipes that are 8”x8” so you get good hand coverage and I find your hand stays clean while cleaning up that kind of diaper.

I was thinking that with the handwashing challenge this week that it would be a week of touching poop, but so far I’ve not had any on my hands.   My son is being very helpful with having firm roll off the diaper poop.   My daughter had stored up for a week so yes; the very first flat on Monday morning was a poopy one.  But the diaper held it all in!   She gave me another good one yesterday which let me hone my washing technique.   I folded up the cover with the pad and the wipes still in it and dumped it in the bathroom sink to soak.

That gave me time to get the rubber gloves and do a prewash in the sink before adding it to the presoak in the tub that night with the rest of the day’s diapers.

So at this point of the challenge, I’ve not yet had poop on the hands.  Yeah!

See the flat poking up out of the pants? This was a fun sandy load to wash.


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