The Flats and Handwashing Challenge – What’s in the stash? #flatschallenge

When preparing for Dirty Diaper Laundry’s Third Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge, we had a different sort of challenge in mind.  While some participants are buying cheap towels from a big box store or using receiving blankets, we worked it a little differently.  Wanda, our challenge participant, is a board member of Cloth for a Cause and a crucial part of our organization.  Because our organization loans out cloth diapering packages to struggling families, Wanda used exactly what a recipient family would receive if they were to get a flats package.

So How Did She Do It?

After discussing with our local chapter president, we decided that each child would have 15 – 20 flats, 3 – 4 covers, 2 snappies and 20 wipes. In addition we usually provide a pail liner and a couple of wetbags.

I had most of what I needed on hand except for flats. There are meters of flannel and flannelette in my sewing room waiting to be turned into wipes for the diaper loan program so the easy answer was to make flats. Without too much attention to detail I ripped and serged 20×20 squares for my 5 month old daughter and 24 x 24 squares for my 26 month old son. These will be turned into wipes for our diaper loan program after the challenge is completed.

So what do I have?

The Stash

4 – 27”x 27” receiving blankets from using with my children

10 – 20”x20” flats from Fabricland bargain center flannelette ($1.50/m)

7 – 24”x24”ish (not all are square) Fabricland bargain center flannelette

8 – 20”x20” from diaper quality flannel donated by Creedation Wear

6 – 24”x24” from diaper quality flannel donated by Creedation Wear

From my existing stash I’m using 2 small snappies, 2 large snappies, 1 Jamtots pail liner, 2 Alva wetbags and 40 wipes.

For covers, I’m using from my existing stash 2 Thirsties diaper covers size small, 2 Bummis Super Whisper size smalls, 1 Bummis Super Whisper size medium, 1 Bummis Superbrite size medium, and I borrowed 2 Thirsties Duo wraps size 2 from a friend.

I’ve opted to not make a camp washer. I’d like to say there is a real reason other than sourcing a 5 gallon pail seemed like too much work. But no, that really is the reason. I debated on getting a plunger or something to use as a washboard, but when I arrived at the store without my wallet, I decided to just use what is on hand in the house.

My first load yesterday was in the laundry sink using a paint tray as a washboard. The second load was in the tub. I dumped the diapers in the bathwater and let it soak until the kids were in bed and then did a wash in a dishpan with the rinse in the tub.

First load in the laundry sink

First load hanging outside to dry
We already hang dry all of our diapers so we have several options for indoor and outdoor racks.


One thought on “The Flats and Handwashing Challenge – What’s in the stash? #flatschallenge

  1. The 5 gallon pails are about $7 from Rona btw 🙂 For daytime, I’m finding that 3 covers is definitely enough for a day but I use one at night that gets wet along with his nighttime diaper (hemp insert, prefold trifolded) so I guess for the whole day I’d want to have 5 on hand personally.


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