The Flats and Handwashing Challenge – Fluff For All! #flatschallenge

Today is the start of a new challenge for some of us at Cloth for a Cause.  Kim Rosas of Dirty Diaper Laundry has issued her third annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge.  Wanda of Vancouver Island has accepted this challenge on behalf of our organization.

The Flats and Handwashing Challenge is an important event.  Some of the obstacles preventing people from using cloth diapers is lack of access to washing machines and lack of funds.  The lack of washing access is also one of the key reasons why people insist that they can’t use cloth.  The Flats and Handwashing Challenge exists to prove otherwise.


Flats and Handwashing Challenge Goals

Cloth Diapering Can Be Cheap

Seriously, you can get tea towels from a big box store that will work for around $3 on sale.  You can use a t-shirt to make flats.  You don’t actually need anything specialized other than a cover… and you’d only need like six of those.  Any obstacle with cloth diapering can be overcome with a little ingenuity.  And, really, there’s that old saying that “necessity is the mother of invention.”  Even if you can’t get assistance from a cloth diaper lending organization for one reason or another, the Flats and Handwashing Challenge will hopefully demonstrate that it’s still doable.  Poverty does not need to be a barrier to using cloth diapers, and it can actually ease the burdens of poverty.

Cloth Diapering Can Be Done Without a Washer

One huge barrier to some of the impoverished is that they do not have affordable access to washing machines.  Some are using coin laundry.  Others are homeless, so there are even less access to washing machines.  The handwashing aspect of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge shows that even little to no washing machine access makes it possible.  This is a huge advantage to those who find themselves in the situation of reusing disposable diapers due to lack of access to any sort of diapers in their budget.

Are you taking part in the Flats Handwashing Challenge?

Of course, the primary reason for Cloth for a Cause to take advantage of this challenge is to bring awareness to the needs of the struggling.  You can also help by donating to your local Cloth for a Cause chapter.  Since we are now officially a registered Canadian charity, that means tax receipt potential!


10 thoughts on “The Flats and Handwashing Challenge – Fluff For All! #flatschallenge

  1. It’s so easy to cloth diaper just with things you have at home or can get from a thrift store. You can use old t-shirts or receiving blankets and sew your own wool covers if you’re crafty.


  2. We do cloth diaper part time, however, I’ve never had great luck with flats and prefolds. I applaud the ladies taking part in this! What an awesome message!


  3. It is so true that you don’t need anything fancy to cloth diaper. I was kicking myself a bit for spending so much money on “luxury” cloth diapers after I discovered how much I actually enjoyed flats! I’ve even considered selling some of my more expensive brands just so I can make room for more flats and covers. They are more practical for us with all the traveling we do during the summers.


  4. I don’t cloth diaper (although I’ve seriously considered it), so I’m not participating in this, but I think it’s a great idea. And I totally agree that “necessity is the mother of invention”! So true!


  5. Sounds like a good challenge… but I have to say that cloth diapering is not for everyone, even though it is a good way to go. I am currently pregnant with our second and for better or worse we will be using disposable diapers with this baby also… it’s just easier for us.


    • It’s too bad that you’ll be using disposables. 😦 I understand that not everyone wants to use cloth. The issue at hand isn’t to change the minds of the “don’t want to”… but rather to disprove the notion of “can’t.”


  6. I am not doing it this year, but I plan to in the future if I am ever staying at home which I hope to be soon. I think this is such a great challenge as cloth diapering is such a money saver and could really help impoverished families out.


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