Cloth for a Cause – Your New Favorite Charity!

Cloth for a Cause is excited to announce that we are now a Canadian Registered Charity. We started the process last summer and are happy to have made it through relatively quickly.

What does being a registered charity mean? Well, to start with, it means that we can now issue tax receipts for donations, both monetary and in-kind. Individuals and companies are eligible for receipts for donations of new and used diapers, supplies, and other products for use in our lending program or in fundraising auctions and give-aways.

Say what? Tax receipts for used diapers? Absolutely! We all know that your used diapers have resell value, especially those in good condition and not needing repairs. Why not save yourself the hassle of reselling and instead get credit for your tax return? Certain criteria need to be met, but in most cases a receipt will be issued for donations in excess of $20 value.

We are very grateful to our past donators who supported us without the benefit of a tax receipt and very happy to be able to provide receipts for future donations.

As part of the process of becoming registered, we’ve had to step up our game on setting policies and procedures for our chapters across Canada. Being federally incorporated with such a wide spread of local based chapters creates its own challenges. But we now have set procedures, forms and an operating manual to ensure easy start-ups of new chapters and consistency of practises in existing chapters.

Can you believe this has all happened in less than 2 years? Our founder and President, Samantha Pearl Kealing, saw that there were other families struggling with the costs of raising a baby and keeping up with diapers, just like she was. She also saw the need for a cloth diaper recycling program. And there was born the idea for Cloth for a Cause. With careful tending, her cause grew from one chapter in Prince George, BC and has grown into a registered charity with over a dozen chapters across Canada.

So, what are you waiting for?  Leave a donation with your favorite chapter or with the main organization!  You get to help people in need and get a tax deduction!

Guest post written by Wanda Boden of the Vancouver Island Chapter


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