Cloth for a Cause Build Your Stash Bash Sign Ups! (Blogger Opp)

Cloth for a Cause is a cloth diaper lending organization that is 100% staffed by unpaid volunteers.  We primarily service Canada and currently have fourteen chapters to help distribute fluff to struggling families.  Like most charitable type of organizations, we desperately need help to meet the demand.  We need help with both cash donations and material donations like cloth diapers, KAM snaps, and 1/4 inch swim elastic.  Some of our chapters are getting so many applications for assistance that they are unable to keep up with the demand, so diapers are desperately needed… particularly in Nova Scotia.  100% of all cash donations go directly to Cloth for a Cause.

So what does this mean for bloggers?

It means that you can help Cloth for a Cause out by taking place in the Cloth for a Cause Build Your Stash Bash, hosted by Cloth Diaper Addicts, Leettle Baby, and Viva Vel Toro.

Cloth for a Cause Built Your Stash Bash (and Diaper Drive)

It’s going to be amazing and huge.  We’ve got some amazing sponsors lined up, including Cozy Bums, Nicki’s Diapers, Lagoon Baby, AppleCheeks, Diapers by Chris, and more!  100% of the funds raised go directly to Cloth for a Cause.

How Do You Get Involved?

We’re looking for bloggers to participate in the event.  Bloggers can have up to three links on follow pages, available by donation.  The prices are:

  • $0 (free link with announcement)
  • $3 (1 link, no announcement)
  • $3 (2 links, announcement post)
  • $5 (2 links, no announcement)
  • $5 (3 links, announement post)
  • $7 (3 links, no announcement post)

Of course, if you’d like to donate more, you’re welcome to!  We also would love it if you’d repost this announcement, regardless of your donation amount.  Please take the image from above and load it on your site to publicize.  We want the Build Your Stash Bash (and diaper drive) to be a success.  All you need to do is sign up and join a Facebook group to be kept up to date with the event.



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