Fluffy Bottoms Provided By Cozy Bums

Fluffy Bottoms Provided By Cozy Bums (Cloth for a Cause)

Meet Kerri Wanner, the fearless proprietress of Cozy Bums!

Way back in 2007, an expectant mom wanted to set up a business so that she could stay at home.  She recognized a need for a cloth diaper business in our community, and that’s how Cozy Bums of Prince George, BC was born.  In 2011, it was time for that mom to move on to other projects, but Cozy Bums was far too awesome about keeping fluffy bottoms in Prince George.  That’s how Kerri Wanner, the current proprietress of Cozy Bums, came to take over the business.

On a personal level, I love Cozy Bums.  It’s where the majority of my cloth diaper stash has come from.  Cozy Bums only carries premium brands at reasonable prices and is always willing to help troubleshoot with her customers.  On a charitable level, I really love Cozy Bums.  Not only has Cozy Bums been keeping paying customers in fluffy bottoms; Cozy Bums has also been the single largest donor in the history of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.  Recently, I sat down with Kerri in her store.  We had a bit of a chat while my daughter “shopped” by taking some diapers off the shelf.

Kerri always amazes me.  She somehow always manages to be organized and put together, even with the pressures of juggling a work at home business with a two and a half year old boy.  While we were chatting about upcoming events (Great Cloth Diaper Change, anyone?) and the juggling act of having a home based business, we talked about Cozy Bums and the generous donations the company has made to Cloth for a Cause.  The reasons for helping Cloth for a Cause whenever possible was simple.  Cozy Bums and Cloth for a Cause were both born in Prince George.  As a working mom herself, Kerri loves to team up with local endeavors and encourage success.  And of course, Kerri also said, “We also love to see babies in cloth diapers and it’s a great cause!”

Thank you, Cozy Bums, for your support!

Have you ever shopped with Cozy Bums?  Tell us about your experience!