Thanks, GoGreen! We Appreciate Your Help!

Thanks, GoGreen! (Cloth for a Cause)

Thanks, GoGreen, for helping Cloth for a Cause with our mission.

Recently, Cloth for a Cause started contacting some cloth diapering companies for donations.  There are a variety of companies that we’ve emailed and have gotten response from.  GoGreen Cloth Diapers has kindly agreed to donate a dozen new pocket diapers to one of our chapters!

About GoGreen

GoGreen was founded by Leah back in 2010.  At the time, Leah had three small boys all in diapers at the same time.  Living in Boulder, Colorado, one of the most eco-conscious cities in the country, she was shocked about the amount of waste, and most importantly, money traditional diapers were costing.  She began designing her own diapers and word quickly spread about the affordable and cute diapers. GoGreen was born and today strives to create the best products at the best price for parents everywhere.

GoGreen and Cloth for a Cause – Two Good Things that are Better Together

A big part of GoGreen is keeping diapers affordable.  Cloth for a Cause exists to help parents who otherwise couldn’t afford the start up costs get into using cloth diapers until they can build up their own stash.  GoGreen decided to give Cloth for a Cause a helping hand because, quite simply, Leah loves our message and what we’re attempting to do.

Thanks for your help, Leah and GoGreen!  You’ve helped reduce the amount of disposable diapers that end up in the landfills and reduce the financial burden of some struggling families.

How Awesome is GoGreen?

Well, you can read some independent reviews at A Year with Mom & Dad and Mommy of One and Counting.

Have you used GoGreen cloth diapers?  How did they work for you?


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