Destroyed Cloth Diapers? No Problem

Destroyed Cloth Diapers?  No Problem (Cloth for a Cause)

Even the most wrecked cloth diapers can still be useful.

Invariably, a certain amount of the stuff that is donated to Cloth for a Cause are actually fairly destroyed cloth diapers.  That’s okay.  You see, we can fix pretty much anything but the PUL.  Even then, though, we can usually make use of the diaper.

Destroyed Cloth Diapers – Delamination

We do get a lot of delaminated diapers given to us.  While we can’t repair delaminated diapers, they are still useful.  If there are no holes in the PUL, we can have a local mom in need use them until it finally does fail.  We can use them for swim diapers.  All that we do is remove the PUL so that it doesn’t cause further damage.  Typically, one is sent out with every package just because we get a lot of them.

Destroyed Cloth Diapers – Busted Elastics

The nature of elastic is that there’s a limit to how many times you can stretch it and have it go back to its original size.  Eventually, it wears out or even breaks.  It’s something that’s pretty fixable.  If you don’t want to fix your diapers with wrecked elastics, then no problem.  Just give them to us!  We’ll fix them up as part of how we refurbish diapers for lending to families in need.

Stinky and Repelling Cloth Diapers

Some forms of cloth diaper funk can be really, really hard to cope with.  The good news is, stinky cloth diapers can be fixed.  Repelling diapers can be scrubbed.  Sure, it can be a pain, but it’s doable.  If you’ve got some that you don’t want to deal with, just tell us that it’s gross and we’ll fix it.  (Granted, we’d find it anyway, but it’s just so much nicer to know immediately if there are repairs that need to be made.)

Broken Snaps

I love it when we get diapers that need no further repairs than a few snaps.  You see, I can’t sew.  (Fortunately, we have other ladies in the Prince George chapter who can.)  I can fix snaps, though.  Cloth diapers with broken snaps are awesome because I can fix them easily and I feel like I’m more of a help.

Destroyed Cloth Diapers – Multiple Issues

About the only diaper that we won’t rehab is a diaper that is both delaminating and has busted elastics.  But you know what?  Even those are still useful.  If it’s got Velcro that’s still good, we can strip the Velcro off and use it for repairing another diaper.  We also cut out the microfleece or microsuede inner and use that to make liners.  Liners are great for convenience: it’s easier to get poo off of a liner than off of an entire diaper.  They’re also great for babies with sensitivities to certain fabrics or require a stay dry fabric, or can be used as a barrier for those times when nothing but Boudreaux’s Butt Paste will do.

The long and short is, while we’d love to get brand new diapers to distribute, we want to help as many families get into cloth as possible and be sustainable at the same time.  Part of helping and sustainability is repairing diapers for recirculatation.  So send them all our way!

What kind of diapers are you most likely to purge from your own stash?


6 thoughts on “Destroyed Cloth Diapers? No Problem

  1. That’s awesome that you can work with diapers even though they aren’t perfect. I know that just b/c I have a broken snap or this or that, it’s so hard to part with them just to toss them. Knowing there is somebody who can make them useful again is great!


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    • Well, on the bright side, now there’s something that you can do with your current stash when you’re done and don’t want to deal with repairs, etc!


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