2013 Goals for Cloth for a Cause

2013 Goals for Cloth for a CauseHappy New Year!  Everywhere you look right now, the internet is chock full of bloggers writing about their New Year’s Resolutions.  I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, but I do have goals.  New Year’s Resolutions are of a “from this point on, I’m going to do/not do ‘x’ thing every day.”  Rather than that, I’d rather focus on the things that I want to accomplish.  So what are some 2013 goals for Cloth for a Cause?

I can’t speak for the chapters, of course, or the organization as a whole, but I can tell you what my 2013 goals for the Cloth for a Cause website will be!

2013 Goals #1: Spread the Word

I’m going to do everything that I can to make sure that people know that Cloth for a Cause is devoted to helping families get into fluff.  Just recently, I saw the store Kissed by the Moon post that she was donating some of her gently used fluff to a couple of moms in need.  The outpouring of people who really wanted those diapers astonished me.  I did share the information about Cloth for a Cause on those threads.  That tells me that 1.) there is a huge need for loaner/donor stashes and 2.) not enough people know about us.  Part of that plan includes having business cards printed up for our local chapter.  (And for my own blogs, while I’m at it.)  Conversations about fluff happen far too frequently when I’m out and about, and it would be greatly helpful to spreading the word about Cloth for a Cause and cloth diapering in general if I could just hand them a nicely printed card instead of scribbling down URLs on whatever is handy.

2013 Goals #2: Hold a Fundraiser Event

Events are fun.  Bloggers get involved.  Sponsors get involved.  People win things.  The organization ends up with some cash in the coffers to pay for things like shipping diapers and buying more supplies.  They’re also a lot of work and I’ve never actually organized one before.  One of my 2013 goals is to make it happen.  That means that I have to swallow my own fears and rise up to the challenge that I’ve set for myself.  It also helps contribute to the most important of my 2013 goals: spreading the word about Cloth for a Cause and our mission.

2013 Goals #3: Improve Google Page Rank

Improving page rank isn’t about self-aggrandizement or whatever.  A better page rank means that people will be more likely to find Cloth for a Cause when seeking help with cloth diapers.  So, really all of my website 2013 goals for Cloth for a Cause are about the same thing: spreading the word so that all bums needing fluff can get covered.

Did you know that you can also help with our 2013 goals?  All you have to do is just spread the word.  Someone has some diapers that they don’t need anymore or don’t want to bother fixing?  Cloth for a Cause is happy to take those diapers!  Someone wants to start using cloth diapers but can’t afford it?  Remember to tell them about us.

Are there other ways that you can think of to spread the word?


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