Funky Fluff Freshly Pressed! Re-Launch and Giveaway

Funky Fluff is a great sponsor for Cloth for a Cause, and we’re pleased to join in on this celebration!

Funky Fluff Freshly Pressed

2013 Colours & Website Re-Launch

Welcome to the Funky Fluff Freshly Pressed Event, hosted by Funky Fluff, Zephyr Hill Blog, and Thinking About Cloth Diapers.

Are you still looking for the “perfect” diaper? One loaded with features, and available for a reasonable price? It does exist! If you haven’t tried the Funky Fluff Fusion diaper yet, it may be the last brand you need to buy!

About Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff was started by 2 Canadian moms who were on the quest for the perfect diaper – and when they didn’t find it, they decided to design it.

Take a close look at the Funky Fluff Fusion 3 in 1 diaper. This innovative diaper brings a new level of flexibility and versatility to the world of cloth diapering: with the interchangeable AI3 system, you can use these diapers as an AIO system, an AI2, and a pocket system. No matter how you choose to use them, Funky Fluff diapers are convenient and reliable!

Funky Fluff offers both natural bamboo blend and stay-dry diapers, plus diaper pail liners, wet bags, and more!

To learn more about the Funky Fluff Fusion 3-in-one diapers, visit, or read the Thinking About Cloth Diapers review of the Funky Fluff Fusion here.

Website Relaunch

If you’ve visited the Funky Fluff website recently, you will have read the following announcement: “THE BAD NEWS is that our site will be unavailable for about a week or so for required maintenance and re-stocking. THE GOOD NEWS is that we will be back and FULLY STOCKED with exciting new additions very soon! We also can’t wait to show you our new site enhancements. In the meantime, please visit any of our retailers, stop by our Facebook page or contact us anytime.”

Well it’s back! And it’s even better than before!

So, what’s changed?

Funky Fluff has a brand new website, and it is also now fully stocked, with fan favorites, and some brand new products too!

We know you’re probably dying from suspense! So, let’s fill you in on the new products Funky Fluff is launching!

  • Funky Fluff Starter Kit – includes 1 stay-dry diaper, 1 bamboo diaper, a double pocket wetbag, a bamboo booster, 1 bamboo soaker, and 1 stay dry soaker – plus a savings of 15% compared to purchasing the products individually.
  • New Colors and – YAY – Funky New Prints!

With 2 new prints and 4 new colors, Funky Fluff is adding even more options to their already great line-up of colors!

New Colors from left to right: Funky Birds, Green with Yellow (Limited Edition), Fuchsia with Orange (Limited Edition), Funky Bubbles, Orange with Blue, and Teal with Lime

If you haven’t tried Funky Fluff diapers yet, you can enter here to win the grand prize of $250 worth of Funky Fluff diapers – 6 Stay Dry and 6 Bamboo Funky Fluff Fusions, plus 12 extra boosters! A second prize will consist of a starter pack in the winner’s choice of prints/colors! Plus, visit the following retailers for more chances to win a Funky Fluff diaper of your own!

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Open to Residents of Canada/US, 18+
This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST, Feb 3, 2013

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This giveaway is sponsored by Funky Fluff. Bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Good luck!


Destroyed Cloth Diapers? No Problem

Destroyed Cloth Diapers?  No Problem (Cloth for a Cause)

Even the most wrecked cloth diapers can still be useful.

Invariably, a certain amount of the stuff that is donated to Cloth for a Cause are actually fairly destroyed cloth diapers.  That’s okay.  You see, we can fix pretty much anything but the PUL.  Even then, though, we can usually make use of the diaper.

Destroyed Cloth Diapers – Delamination

We do get a lot of delaminated diapers given to us.  While we can’t repair delaminated diapers, they are still useful.  If there are no holes in the PUL, we can have a local mom in need use them until it finally does fail.  We can use them for swim diapers.  All that we do is remove the PUL so that it doesn’t cause further damage.  Typically, one is sent out with every package just because we get a lot of them.

Destroyed Cloth Diapers – Busted Elastics

The nature of elastic is that there’s a limit to how many times you can stretch it and have it go back to its original size.  Eventually, it wears out or even breaks.  It’s something that’s pretty fixable.  If you don’t want to fix your diapers with wrecked elastics, then no problem.  Just give them to us!  We’ll fix them up as part of how we refurbish diapers for lending to families in need.

Stinky and Repelling Cloth Diapers

Some forms of cloth diaper funk can be really, really hard to cope with.  The good news is, stinky cloth diapers can be fixed.  Repelling diapers can be scrubbed.  Sure, it can be a pain, but it’s doable.  If you’ve got some that you don’t want to deal with, just tell us that it’s gross and we’ll fix it.  (Granted, we’d find it anyway, but it’s just so much nicer to know immediately if there are repairs that need to be made.)

Broken Snaps

I love it when we get diapers that need no further repairs than a few snaps.  You see, I can’t sew.  (Fortunately, we have other ladies in the Prince George chapter who can.)  I can fix snaps, though.  Cloth diapers with broken snaps are awesome because I can fix them easily and I feel like I’m more of a help.

Destroyed Cloth Diapers – Multiple Issues

About the only diaper that we won’t rehab is a diaper that is both delaminating and has busted elastics.  But you know what?  Even those are still useful.  If it’s got Velcro that’s still good, we can strip the Velcro off and use it for repairing another diaper.  We also cut out the microfleece or microsuede inner and use that to make liners.  Liners are great for convenience: it’s easier to get poo off of a liner than off of an entire diaper.  They’re also great for babies with sensitivities to certain fabrics or require a stay dry fabric, or can be used as a barrier for those times when nothing but Boudreaux’s Butt Paste will do.

The long and short is, while we’d love to get brand new diapers to distribute, we want to help as many families get into cloth as possible and be sustainable at the same time.  Part of helping and sustainability is repairing diapers for recirculatation.  So send them all our way!

What kind of diapers are you most likely to purge from your own stash?

Newborn Cloth Diapers Needed

Newborn Cloth Diapers Needed (Cloth for a Cause)

Special thanks to Wanda for use of this image!

We’ve been pretty fortunate in the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.  We get a pretty good amount of diapers.  Some are donated by or dropped off for donation at Cozy Bums, our local cloth diaper store.  I have a personal policy that for every diaper I receive for review at Cloth Diaper Addicts, I donate a diaper to Cloth for a Cause.  Our community is awesome with willingness to give away diapers that need repair.  But there’s one area where we’re in dire need: newborn cloth diapers.  This is actually a pretty universal thing across all of our chapters.

Why We Don’t Get Newborn Cloth Diapers

Quite simply, we don’t get a lot of newborn cloth diapers donated.  I can understand why: newborn cloth diapers aren’t used long, so they hold their value for resale.  A third hand newborn cloth diaper can still be in excellent used condition.  Then, of course, there are people like me: I started using cloth diapers at birth, but I never bought newborn cloth diapers.  My two younger children were both born over eight pounds.  I didn’t bother with newborn sized anything.

Why We Need Newborn Cloth Diapers

Newborn cloth diapers are fantastic for new babies, regardless of size.  They typically fit up to twelve pounds. By that point, any one size diaper will fit a baby.  (How well a diaper fits, of course, is going to be a variable thing for each baby.)  Having a variety of newborn cloth diapers at each chapter to loan out will make it possible for us to help more families as soon as they’re home from the hospital.  There’s no waiting for diapers to fit, and then that family can be able to use cloth as soon as possible.

Also, newborn cloth diapers fit in very well for the type of assistance that we provide at Cloth for a Cause: we are a cloth diaper lending charity.  That means that as soon as the diapers are outgrown, they can be returned to us for rehabbing and then lending to another family in need.  While the family in need is in our loaner stash of newborn cloth diapers, they can be taking advantage of that time of not buying any disposable diapers by being able to scour their local buy/sell pages for used cloth diapers to move their babies into once that newborn stash is outgrown.

And then the cycle can continue.

How Can You Help?

If you’ve got some newborn cloth diapers, perhaps you can donate some to a Cloth for a Cause chapter instead of selling them.  Or if you see some newborn cloth diapers for sale on your local buy/sell page, you can purchase them to donate to your local Cloth for a Cause chapter.  Or you can suggest to the seller that perhaps donating would be awesome.  Or you can donate cash to Cloth for a Cause.

How will you help?

2013 Goals for Cloth for a Cause

2013 Goals for Cloth for a CauseHappy New Year!  Everywhere you look right now, the internet is chock full of bloggers writing about their New Year’s Resolutions.  I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, but I do have goals.  New Year’s Resolutions are of a “from this point on, I’m going to do/not do ‘x’ thing every day.”  Rather than that, I’d rather focus on the things that I want to accomplish.  So what are some 2013 goals for Cloth for a Cause?

I can’t speak for the chapters, of course, or the organization as a whole, but I can tell you what my 2013 goals for the Cloth for a Cause website will be!

2013 Goals #1: Spread the Word

I’m going to do everything that I can to make sure that people know that Cloth for a Cause is devoted to helping families get into fluff.  Just recently, I saw the store Kissed by the Moon post that she was donating some of her gently used fluff to a couple of moms in need.  The outpouring of people who really wanted those diapers astonished me.  I did share the information about Cloth for a Cause on those threads.  That tells me that 1.) there is a huge need for loaner/donor stashes and 2.) not enough people know about us.  Part of that plan includes having business cards printed up for our local chapter.  (And for my own blogs, while I’m at it.)  Conversations about fluff happen far too frequently when I’m out and about, and it would be greatly helpful to spreading the word about Cloth for a Cause and cloth diapering in general if I could just hand them a nicely printed card instead of scribbling down URLs on whatever is handy.

2013 Goals #2: Hold a Fundraiser Event

Events are fun.  Bloggers get involved.  Sponsors get involved.  People win things.  The organization ends up with some cash in the coffers to pay for things like shipping diapers and buying more supplies.  They’re also a lot of work and I’ve never actually organized one before.  One of my 2013 goals is to make it happen.  That means that I have to swallow my own fears and rise up to the challenge that I’ve set for myself.  It also helps contribute to the most important of my 2013 goals: spreading the word about Cloth for a Cause and our mission.

2013 Goals #3: Improve Google Page Rank

Improving page rank isn’t about self-aggrandizement or whatever.  A better page rank means that people will be more likely to find Cloth for a Cause when seeking help with cloth diapers.  So, really all of my website 2013 goals for Cloth for a Cause are about the same thing: spreading the word so that all bums needing fluff can get covered.

Did you know that you can also help with our 2013 goals?  All you have to do is just spread the word.  Someone has some diapers that they don’t need anymore or don’t want to bother fixing?  Cloth for a Cause is happy to take those diapers!  Someone wants to start using cloth diapers but can’t afford it?  Remember to tell them about us.

Are there other ways that you can think of to spread the word?

Giving Diapers, Easing Burdens

Giving Diapers, Easing Burdens (Cloth for a Cause)I tend to read Google news either first thing in the morning while I’m in bed waking up or last thing at night while I’m in bed.  One of my custom news groupings are for articles about diapers.  Frequently, I see articles about non-profits and charitable organizations giving diapers.  Giving diapers is pretty crucial, particularly in some depressed areas.   People don’t have access to big box or warehouse stores where diapers can be purchased more cheaply.  They end up struggling to buy much more expensive diapers at their local corner store, which is significantly more costly.  (It’s the same issue that contributes to urban “food deserts.”)

Those areas are areas that are in need of free or affordable diapers.  The non-profits that are giving diapers in those areas are doing a great service.  They are easing those families’ financial burdens.

Here’s the catch, though: while they are giving diapers, they are primarily giving disposable diapers.

It’s wonderful that this is happening.  They are absolutely, truthfully fulfilling a need.  Unfortunately, it is a need that does not end for years.  It’s a need that contributes to landfills.  It’s a need that is not sustainable.  Really, I liken it to giving a man a fish instead of teaching a man to fish.

This is also why diaper lending groups like Cloth for a Cause are crucial.  While some of the families that are in dire need of diapers are not going to be candidates for using cloth diapers due to lack of washing facilities, some families are.  Getting these families educated about the use, sustainability, and cost reduction of using cloth diapers instead of disposable is critical.  Instead of these families having to swallow pride or struggle with buying food or buying diapers over and over again, a single cloth diaper loan is a one time event that will help them until their child is out of diapers altogether.

Or, to look at it another way: Let’s pretend that an organization has 50 cases of diapers to give out each month.  That means that organization can theoretically keep 50 children in diapers per month.  That’s fantastic!  But while they’re giving diapers for 50 children, those 50 children will need diapers again next month.  The cost of 50 cases of diapers is roughly $35 at a warehouse store.  That’s $1,750 spent on giving diapers that can only be used once.  However, that same $1,750 could purchase approximately 87 premium brand pocket cloth diapers at retail price.  That would be able to help roughly 6 children.  In the immediate, that’s not so awesome.  But those 6 children will not need diapers donated the next month, and possibly not ever until those children are potty trained.

Here’s where the sustainability factor comes into play: In 8 months, the same amount of children would be wearing donated diapers for the same amount.  However, the next month, it would be 6 different families who had not received donated diapers at all.  And when all of those families are done using their donated cloth diapers, they could return them to the organization so that they could refurbished and sent on to other families.

The biggest stumbling blocks to giving diapers of the reusable source are:


There are still far too many people who don’t realize that cloth diapers are even an option.  If they knew about the availability of cloth diapers or the ease of use, there would be many more people out to use them.  Plus, there’s the benefit of these families not needing to ask for aid again.  (It’s so much nicer to not be in constant need of help!)   There’s also the side benefits of reduction of diaper rash and reduction of landfills.

Washing Facilities

Some families that seek the help of organiziations that specialize in giving diapers do not have easy access to washing facilities.  It is, obviously, far more difficult to use modern cloth diapers without the aid of a washing machine.  However, getting more of those families that do have access to washing facilities into cloth will also free up the orgs that focus on giving diapers to those who are not able to use cloth.

How can we combat that?  If you’re a cloth diaper evangelist, you can always be sure to talk to everyone you know about using cloth diapers.  (And really, the chances are pretty good that you already do.)  If you work with families in need, you can always discuss the option of cloth diapers and point them to organizations like Cloth for a Cause that can help.

Are you doing anything to spread the word?