Using Cloth Diapers and Easing Financial Burden

Using Cloth Diapers Can Help - image by sufinawaz at stock xchng

One in five moms have had to choose between diapers and food. Using cloth diapers can aleviate that burden.

Obviously, I’m all about using cloth diapers.  Why else would I write for Cloth for a Cause and have an entire other website devoted to nothing but using cloth diapers?  There are a lot of reasons for my love of cloth, but there’s one thing that I have never had to consider.  While reading my Google news feed on my smart phone from the comfort of my own bed, I came across a troubling statistic: “One in five mothers have had to choose between food and diapers for their baby.”

Twenty percent.

I found that statistic on a Canadian news site regarding a local fundraiser to help with disposable diapers.  That’s here in Canada.  This isn’t a scary statistic about how things can fall through the cracks in the States.  It’s here.

When you think about it, it makes sense.  Buying disposable diapers is expensive, even if you can rely on a place like Costco to buy them in bulk or you buy a bunch of them when they are on sale at your local Superstore.  Couple that with Canadians taking their one year mat leave and experiencing an income reduction (not that I’m complaining; our mat leave is among the best in the world!), and that can make the cost of buying disposable diapers even more painful.

Using cloth diapers can take care of a lot of that.  However, the big reason that a lot of people are not jumping on the using cloth diapers bandwagon is the expense.  The start up cost of $200 or more can be intimidating and well beyond the reach of many.  Cloth for a Cause can help parents who are interested in using cloth diapers get past the financial hurdle.

We can help that mother who is choosing between food and diapers.  It’s a position that no one should ever have to be in.  Spread the word: we’re here to help.  The chances are pretty high that you know one of the twenty percent who are struggling.

How can we help spread the word that using cloth diapers can be a viable alternative for that twenty percent?


2 thoughts on “Using Cloth Diapers and Easing Financial Burden

  1. Wow that’s a scary stat! thankfully I have never been in that position of choosing between food and diapers. We are also a cloth lovin’ family; I just love the versatility of my diapers, especially now that I have 2 babies in cloth, I don’t have to wonder if my diaper bag is stashed with different sized diapers when we go out as my one-size fits both of them. How to spread the word about cloth? I think you should contact local birthing classes and have mini-seminars on cloth with them 🙂


    • Our midwives are on board, but, unfortunately, the local hospital scoffed at cloth diapers when I shared my plan to use them in my hospital birthing class. 😦 Great idea!


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