Teaching Children to Give

Teaching Children to Give (Cloth for a Cause) image provided by stock.xchngAt this time of year, I see a lot of posts asking how we teach our children about the spirit of giving.  Let’s be honest: without teaching children to give, it’s not something that they will always learn.  Some decide that their method of teaching children to give will be through books and stories.  Others demonstrate the concept of giving by volunteering with the family at a local soup kitchen or some other method.  Another popular method is adopting a family for the holidays or buying for a child off of the holiday tree.  Then there’s the ever popular method of the pre-Christmas toy purge.

I have another method.  It’s not necessarily the most sophisticated method, and it’s not something that my children will understand for a long time, but it works for me.  I give back by volunteering with Cloth for a Cause.  It’s an all year thing.

I suck at sewing.  Pearl, the founder and my friend, has demonstrated how to repair cloth diapers for the charity, but it’s just…  Yeah, it’s over my head.  That means that the majority of diaper repairs are out.  There are a few things that I do to help.  I write for this blog.  I can repair snaps.  And I am amazing at laundry.

Yeah, it turns out that when you’re working with a cloth diaper charity like Cloth for a Cause, being amazing at laundry is a useful skill.  Cloth diapers can come in with all kinds of issues: elastics (which are Pearl and Megan’s domain in the Prince George chapter) and snaps, or repelling and stink.  I can fix those things.

Right now, my younger children are still in diapers themselves.  However, a time will come when they are no longer wearing diapers and are reasonably self-sufficient.  By that time, they’ll have learned that giving is important.  I know that doing this work is not only helping other families, but it’s also teaching children to give.

Are you teaching your children to give to others?  How are you sharing this lesson?


12 thoughts on “Teaching Children to Give

  1. I suck at sewing too. I’m SO not crafty. I think it’s great that you volunteer to do laundry as an example to your kids. We usually adopt a child at Christmas though we’ve made Christmas cards in the past for nursing homes and soldiers.


  2. That’s really fun and thoughtful. We give year-round, too. The pre-Christmas purge and food drives are the only thing really special about the holidays as far as charity goes. I think it’s important that my daughter knows year-round giving is just as thoughtful.


  3. We think it is one of the most important things to teach our children and we involve them in every volunteer and giving opportunity that we participate in.

    One of our favorites is buying animals through World Vision International and explain to them how important that animal is to the village and that it supplies a food source and that it blesses them for years to come.

    One idea that I got from church was to eat a small meal of nothing but rice to help our children to know what it is like to live in an impoverished country and that some children are not a lucky to even have a meal. This helps them put the act of giving in perspective.


  4. Great article! To answer your question, I don’t think I’m doing a good job raising my kids to be giving. I try to encourage them to be giving around birthdays and what-not, but they don’t seem very interested! 😦

    Thrift Diving


  5. I knit for Mental Health Assotiation from mostly yarn donated to me.I have raised a 24 and 27 year old and they just saw how I give and they are such givers as well.I have 3 more new to me kids and they see the giving in me and have done a complete 360 in the giving department.My grandson who happens to be Pwarl’s son is learning too, When he is at Nana’s house I give him 4 packages of soda crackers and he goes and gives to my new kids Macleod 14 and Quinten 11 and then he sits with 2 pkgs. and I say “Anakin you have to share and give 1 to Crystal (who is 5 yrs. old)” He looks at Crystal and says “Sorry Crystal” then he starts eating both pkgs. repeating sorry Crystal.So I walk over and tell him again to share you have to give Crystal one.He says”Ok Nana I share”He’s only 2 1/2 and with his dad being as giving as he is and his mom Anakin will be a giver I am sure.Teach children to give yes but it’s more they do what they see.Happy Christmas everyone.Keep giving year round it feels good to do so.


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