Cloth for a Cause – Coming to a Social Media Site Near You!

We’re pretty awesome at Cloth for a Cause.  We’re young moms.  (Okay, some of us are young.  Others, like me, are in denial and insist that youth goes beyond a number.)  We’re technically savvy.  Some of us are pretty crafty, too.

Now you can find Cloth for a Cause in a lot more places than just our blog.  We’re on Facebook!  Not only do we have a page for the main Cloth for a Cause organization, but each chapter has a page, too.  This is awesome because it means that you can keep up with news for the whole organization and news for your region.  There’s a whole lot more to social media than just Facebook.  So now you can find Cloth for a Cause on Twitter!  And Instagram.  We’ve also got a YouTube channel and we just started up on Pinterest.

Where we are:







What would you like to see from Cloth for a Cause on our social media boards?  Are there any other social media boards that Cloth for a Cause should show up on?


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