Donate Cloth Diapers – It Makes a Difference!

This time of year is often an interesting dichotomy.  There’s an excess of materialism as we focus on what we’re getting and giving to our loved ones.  There’s also a wonderful sense of giving so that others who may not have the same means or opportunities that we have can get access to some fantastic things.  This is the time of year when charities are really in need.  We donate cans at the grocery store and at events with food drives.  But how often does one see an event to donate cloth diapers?

It’s crucial to donate cloth diapers.  I don’t mean that you should just donate cloth diapers during the holidays.  There are always baby bottoms that need to be covered.  There are always those who will have to choose between using aid money to buy food or buy diapers.  When you donate cloth diapers to Cloth for a Cause, you’re helping families.  These donated diapers make it so that these families don’t have to choose between diapers and food.

So far, Cloth for a Cause has helped 65 families.

Lloydminster, AB has helped 1 family since that chapter was founded on October 24, 2012.

Fraser Valley, BC has helped 6 families.

Vancouver Island, BC has helped 3 families.

Medicine Hat, AB has helped 3 families.

Grand Prairie, AB has helped 2 families.

Southern Ontario has helped 30 families so far, but will be helping five more by the end of the year.  This chapter was established in February 2012.

Prince George, BC has helped 20 families since its launch in October 2011.

If not for people who donate cloth diapers to Cloth for a Cause so that we can repair them and distribute them, we wouldn’t have been able to help any of them.  So thank you for helping us help others.  Please keep helping by remembering to donate cloth diapers when you can.  Happy holidays from Cloth for a Cause!


6 thoughts on “Donate Cloth Diapers – It Makes a Difference!

  1. I donated a large stash of cloth diapers to a local non profit charity. I then later found someone in my local cloth diaper group had gotten them and was selling them on our page! I was not thrilled. Obviously she was not in need and was NOT using them, but instead making money off them.


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