Five Reasons to Donate to Cloth for a Cause

1.) Cloth for a Cause is sustainable

We not only recycle cloth diapers, but we keep hundreds of thousands of disposable diapers out of the landfill, and more money in the pockets of the parents. In turn, that means healthier food for the little ones, and less stress on families overall.

2.) Cloth for a Cause is not for profit.

When you donate to Cloth for a Cause, your donations go straight back into the organization.  We have no stock holders to appease.  We have no money making goals.  It’s all about helping parents who want to start using cloth diapers but can’t afford the start up cost.

3.) Cloth for a Cause 100% staffed by volunteers

Not a single one of us are earning a dime for our efforts in this group.  Every single one of us, from the president, the web designer, the hosting, and the bloggers, are doing this for free.  We feel that no parent should ever have to choose between feeding their babies and keeping them in diapers.  Helping other parents get past the intimidating start-up cost factor associated with using cloth diapers is important, especially in this time of recession.

4.) Helping Cloth for a Cause feels good

“Having a dirty diaper is no fun.” –Elmo  By donating to Cloth for a Cause, you know that there are Canadian babies with healthy, dry, clean bottoms.

5.) Cloth for a Cause is patriotic!

Cloth for a Cause is a Canadian not for profit organization that focuses on helping Canadians.  What’s better than helping low-income families give their babies’ bottoms a healthier start?  Even better, you know that you’re helping your fellow Canadians, so whatever you donate is staying here!

So, now that you know how awesome Cloth for a Cause is, what are you waiting for?  Contact your nearest chapter to ask what you can do to help!  (Or just click the donate button.)


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