Donate Cloth Diapers – It Makes a Difference!

This time of year is often an interesting dichotomy.  There’s an excess of materialism as we focus on what we’re getting and giving to our loved ones.  There’s also a wonderful sense of giving so that others who may not have the same means or opportunities that we have can get access to some fantastic things.  This is the time of year when charities are really in need.  We donate cans at the grocery store and at events with food drives.  But how often does one see an event to donate cloth diapers?

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Using Cloth Diapers and a Sense of Community

Being a parent can seem like a lonely venture at times.   A lot of us go from having careers and vibrant social lives to stay at home moms.  (Even if it’s just a stay at home mom for the length of mat leave.)  In the two and a half years that I’ve been a stay at home mom, I’ve noticed something: using cloth diapers seems to be a great way to network.

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

That doesn’t make it any less accurate.  If you run into another mom who is using cloth diapers, you’ll find that you’re guaranteed to have something to talk about.  Cloth diapers are fun.  You find yourself talking about what cloth diapers are your favorites, which ones didn’t work for you, what local store is the best, and what resources you use for troubleshooting.  Before  you know it, you’re going over to each other’s houses, having coffee, or watching your kids play together on play dates.

It’s nice.

We used to have an extended family and a large village for that sense of community when raising a child.  Our children had brothers, sisters, extended family, and a host of other people to learn socialization from.  In the internet age and in the age of friends and family living as far away as another province or even another country, that community can be lost.  That socialization opportunity can be missed.  I’ve been thrilled to find my new friends that I’ve found through using cloth diapers.  As much as I love cloth diapers for the fun and sustainability aspects, the sense of community has been an unexpected bonus.  I love that both of my kids are getting to be around other kids their own age, all because their moms and I struck up a conversation about fluff.

Have you met friends through using cloth diapers?  How did you meet?

Five Reasons to Donate to Cloth for a Cause

1.) Cloth for a Cause is sustainable

We not only recycle cloth diapers, but we keep hundreds of thousands of disposable diapers out of the landfill, and more money in the pockets of the parents. In turn, that means healthier food for the little ones, and less stress on families overall.

2.) Cloth for a Cause is not for profit.

When you donate to Cloth for a Cause, your donations go straight back into the organization.  We have no stock holders to appease.  We have no money making goals.  It’s all about helping parents who want to start using cloth diapers but can’t afford the start up cost.

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